「Mt. Takao is a mountain with an altitude of 599m in Hachioji, Tokyo. Mt. Takao is close to central Tokyo and has good transportation, so many tourists and climbers visit it. Mt Takao, located in the city of Hachioji, peaks at almost 600m. From the summit there is a beautiful view over Tokyo and, weather permitting, Mt Fuji. In 2020, it was registered as a “Japan Heritage” certified by the Agency for Cultural Affairs for the first time in Tokyo.

The annual number of climbers on Mt. Takao is about 2.6 million, and it is said that the number of climbers is the highest in the world. It is said that the reason why many people climb Mt. Takao is that it takes about an hour to access from the city center, and you can easily climb to the middle of the mountain by cable car, etc., and the approach is well maintained.